"Being a full time working parent, it is important for me to be kept updated with how my child's day is going. Early Works does just that! I have real time access meaning I can check what my child has been up to anytime throughout the day, whether it be on my lunch break or at home after work"

- Robert, parent from Giggles

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Centre Co-Ordinator

I am an Irish National with over 20 years experience in the Early Childhood Industry. I joined the Giggles family in May 2012, taking over as Co-Ordinator in 2013. Research has shown that children's development from birth to 5 years builds the important fundamental blocks for any learning that occurs beyond this, so at Giggles we provide a high quality curriculum and learning environment, through play based, child initiated experiences. I feel it is important to have strong relationships with both the children and families and am a huge advocate for each child to achieve maximum potential.


Business Manager

Since starting my Administration career at the age of 17, I knew Business and Administration was for me. In 2013, I had the opportunity to design and implement an effective administration system to improve the running of the centre and business combined. I love to work and thrive in a team environment and pride myself on being professional and efficient in all aspects of my position. Although I do not work directly with children, I do believe it is important for me to build trusting relationships with children and their families.


Second In Charge / Educational Leader

My decision to work with children was one I made at a very early age  in my first 2 years of schooling  when I was taught by a formidable lady who left an everlasting impression on me and I gained my Certificate in Children's Services in 1999.  I completed my Diploma of Children's Services in 2014 and have had the pleasure of enhancing my leadership skills and forming part a strong, reliable team over the years at Giggles where our values and goals are the same as is our passion for caring for your children. I base the experiences I provide through observing the children then developing a program and taking every opportunity to scaffold on their learning and extend on their developing skills.


Early Childhood Teacher

I am originally from Margaret River and graduated from the WA college of Agriculture in Denmark. I love to travel the world, to get my hands dirty, crafting and gardening as well as being a wife and Mum to 3 cheeky children. I became a teacher because I love to inspire and help children reach their full potential. My current philosophy encompasses children as individuals, as learners, as part of a wider and more diverse community and I am constantly building on my relationship with them and their families. I believe that my role as an educator is to facilitate, set up, plan and create curriculum and learning spaces for children to thrive and grow.


Early Childhood Teacher


I am in my 3rd year of studying my Early Childhood and Primary Education Bachelors at Murdoch University. I aspire to build strong relationships with all of my children and to nurture their desire and curiosity to learn. Each child learns differently and at their own pace so I encourage and build on each child's learning to help them reach their full potential. My goal as an Educator is to prepare each child as they transition from Early Child Education to to Primary Education. The foundation for this can be achieved through creating a safe and supportive environment where children can develop their learning, helping children build their self-confidence and independence helping children make friends and working together.

Qualified Educator

I have been working at Giggles since 2013. I started studying to become an Educator at the age of 16 however my passion for Early Childhood Education started when I was only 10. I am currently the Toddler Room Leader and am very passionate about using holistic approaches when educating children and allowing them to thrive through exploring their independence.  I continue to be inspired by my fellow Giggles family of Educators, the children and their families everyday! 


Qualified Educator

Get to know me soon ...


Assistant Educator

I was just 17 when I started working at Giggles with a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education, just needing any type of job. Looking back now, I really had no idea how much I would fall in love with this industry. We pride ourselves in our partnerships with families and it really is like a second home to not just the children, but their families too. I have learnt and grown so much as  an Educator and a person in general since 2018 when I first started at Giggles. I'm now studying my diploma and cannot wait to see where it takes me!


Assistant Educator


Assistant Educator

I am originally from New Zealand and my little family has made Rockingham our home for the past 6 years. I have been apart of the Giggles family since 2018 starting off as a student and then being employed Assistant Educator. I am passionate about bringing the best qualities out of all children and allowing them to explore and expand on their interests. My aim is to provide a warm, safe, secure and nur­tur­ing environment. I strive to build trust­ing 

rela­tion­ships with all chil­dren, to enhance each child’s sense of belong­ing and well­be­ing, which in return sup­ports each child’s

holis­tic development.

I started working at Giggles in 2017 and I am currently studying my Diploma in Early Childhood Education. I am married and have the cutest dog named Mac. My goal for working in the centre is to build trust in our little friends which helps in their years where they decide about schooling and teachers and of course, when they will be reaching some key cognitive, physical and emotional development milestones. At Giggles we have created a safe, secure and fun place for all children. I love coming into work with all of the ladies who are like a second family to me and learning from them everyday.


Assistant Educator

I started as a student with Giggles Day Care Centre and instantly fell in love with the industry. I now work here as an Assistant Educator. I decided to start a career with children as it has always been a passion of mine since coming from a big family. I aim to provide positive learning and build trusting relationships to help children feel safe and secured. I love being an educator seeing every child's individual personalities and making every experience extremely unique and special.


Assistant Educator

I have been with the Giggles team since 2012. I decided to work in the Childcare Industry so I could make a difference in the lives of children who attend day care. As a mother of 4, I was lucky enough to be at home with my children. I was able to play, teach, care and guide them through their early years. I aim to provide a loving caring and home like environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all children. As an Educator, it is fantastic to see babies grow into young children learning so much along the way.


Centre Chef / Assistant Educator

Ge to know me soon...


Assistant Educator

Get to know me soon...


Assistant Educator

I am originally from Tasmania and been in Perth since 2006. I have two young children who sparked my dreams to become an Educator within the Child Care industry. After completing my Certificate 3 in Early Childhood, I was lucky enough to be offered a position here at Giggles Day Care Centre the week I graduated. I love seeing children's faces light up when learning new things and it gives me so much joy in knowing that I'm teaching them skills and knowledge for the future.

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